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Mc Donalds - Despicable Me 2 Complete Happy Meal Set - 2013

Mc Donalds

Do you need to order a Despicable Me toy? Mc Donalds is a wonderful toy. These Despicable Me toys are being well received consequently it is experiencing reasonable online sales. One of the several key characteristics is the despicable me 2 complete figure set of 8 toys from mc donalds happy meals. Other features consist of all 8 toys are brand new in packages, add to cart by clicking the link below.

Despicable Me 2

To celebrate the movie"Despicable Me 2", Mc Donalds provides the 2013 Happy Meal Promotion featuring these 8 interactive characters: Tom Babbler, Phil Jelly Whistle, Dave Banana Babbler, Jerry Whizzer, Purple Minion Noisemaker, Tim Giggling, Purple Minion Giggling and Stuart Blaster.! THESE TOYS MAKE A GREAT GIFT FOR ALL DESPICABLE ME LOVERS AND WORK GREAT AS PARTY FAVORS OR CAKE TOPPERS. THESE ARE SOOOO CUTE! Despicable Me 2 Complete Figure Set of 8 Toys From Mc Donalds Happy meals. EACH TOY FIGURE STANDS AROUND 3"TALL DEPENDING ON THE CHARACTER. ALL 8 TOYS ARE BRAND NEW IN PACKAGES. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL DESPICABLE ME FANS. VERY HARD TO FIND AND NO LONGER MADE!


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